Dance and Acro

Ages 2 - Adult

Recreational & Competitive


1458 South Water St. Suite 3A Kent Ohio 44240

For Sr Musical Theater - Step in time please do choreography from 14 sec (where they stand up) to 34 sec (where they do jump with feet together.  You can pick any row to do their choreography since it's in a round.  When they pose just pick your own pose. Pretend you are dancing with a chimney sweep!  Please put in lots of faces and energy! I need lots of tumblers as well! - If you can tumble, please list off your tricks after you say your name.  If you can't tumble, it's ok! - I'm also looking for strong leapers and turners! This piece is super energetic and quick moving. Disclaimer for anyone new - This is my original choreography that I did about 5-6 years ago :) 


Video submissions due by June 12. You can email them to or upload them to Youtube with a private listing and email us the links.  Please send each video separately. Please state your name into the camera before you audition.

Tricks, Turns, Flexibility Video:

​* Show us all 3 splits

​* Leg holds on both legs

* Pike Stretch

​* Battement on both legs

​* Double or Triple Pirouette on both legs

​* Needle both sides

* Illusen both sides

* Tell us about any acro tricks you can do unassisted or with parents permission and enough space you can demonstrate

* Fan Kick both sides

* C Jump

* Firebird

* Axle jump

* If you have a space you can demonstrate your a la seconds - 6 a la seconds into a double pirouette your favorite leg.