Video submissions due by June 12. You can email them to or upload them to Youtube with a private listing and email us the links.  Please send each video separately. Please state your name into the camera before you audition.

Tricks, Turns, Flexibility Video:

* Show us all 3 splits

* Leg holds on both legs

* Pike Stretch

​* Battement (Big kick) on both legs

* Single Pirouette on the Right and Left (not for pee wee)

* Double Pirouette if able on the Right and Left (not for Pee Wee)

* Needle both sides (not for pee wee)

* Illusen both sides (not for pee wee)

* Tell us about any acro tricks you can do unassisted or with parents permission and enough space you can demonstrate

* Fan Kick both legs (not for pee wee)



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Dance and Acro

Ages 2 - Adult

Recreational & Competitive